ARGOS Low-code

90 min video tutorial “Rocket-start”

This tutorial contains 25 short training videos. They provide basics of ARGOS Low-code platform such as architecture, components, and how to install the tools, as well as some advanced bot-building techniques such as how to drive a loop with large set of data or how to design an exception handling. At the end of the 25 videos, we are certain that you will be prepared to build your new digital colleague by yourself.



  1. Someone who may or may not have a software programming background.
  2. Someone who oversees digital transformation projects and digital worker (automation software or bots) strategies at an organization who would be building, deploying, and/or managing the digital workers.
  3. Or someone who is simply interested in building a software robot to notify them when they find the best online deal for their favorite brand of sneakers.
  • How to build, deploy, and manage automation software (bots) for your organization.

  • How to debug, modify, and fix the automation software.

  • How to find help for problems.

  • How to build and release the ARGOS Low-code Plugins.
  • How to run your automation software on non-Windows operating systems including mobile.

3 Videos

Getting started, Components and Architecture

2 Videos

General Workflow with ARGOS Low-code Platform

5 Videos

Building Automation for Windows

2 Videos

Auto Recording and Manual Building

9 Videos

Tips to Build Robust and Reliable Automation bot

2 Videos

Supervisor key features and Help

3 Videos

Additional Videos

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