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Google Cloud Vision API Assist-o-mation Package

Including 2 Attended (interactive) Automation Scenarios (bots)

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Obtain Google Cloud Vision API Credentials



Google Cloud Vision API Assist-o-mation Package

2 Attended bots will output files (.csv and .txt) after running Google OCR. 

The bots are like “seeds”. They are the core of your future digital workers. They are totally expandable and customizable to grow in anyway to meet your business processing needs for the digitized text.

Ask about “Professional Services” after you know exactly how you want to customize the bots to fit your needs. Professional Services charges will be quoted by our implementation partners.

  • ARGOS Low-code/RPA platform has integrated Google’s Cloud Vision API using solely the resources that are publicly available from Google Cloud Vision website such as sample code and documentation.

    Google Cloud Vision API is a commercial service provided by Google. The commercial contract must be entered directly between Google and the End-User. The API credentials also must be obtained directly from Google by the End-User. 

  • ARGOS Low-code/RPA License DOES NOT include Google Cloud Vision API license and fees. End-User must pay the Google Cloud Vision API usage fee separately directly. Here is Google Cloud Vision API pricing information

    How to obtain Google Cloud Vision API Credential File

ARGOS Assist-o-mation platform DOES NOT hold, store or save customer data at any form inside the platform. Input (image) and output (.txt and .csv) data are processed exclusively between the customer workstation and the Google Cloud Vision API solution. 


Bot Specifications

This Assist-o-mation package includes 2 ARGOS Low-code/RPA automation scenario files (executables) that have integrated Google Vision API technology. Automation Scenario A takes the input image by drag and drop interactive tool and the Automation Scenario B uses snipping tool. Bot A and B scenarios can take input file types of .jpg, .png, and pdf.

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .pdf
  • Windows 10 PC which supports the specifications described here
  • Access to the Internet and Google Cloud Vision technology
  • Google Cloud Vision API credentials

The execution flow looks like below. (common between the 2 bots)

Expansion and Customization – Professional Service Options via ARGOS Low-code Implementation Partners

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Expansion and customization options are available with ARGOS Low-code Implementation Partners worldwide

  • No additional license fees if Automation Scenarios run using the same PAM
  • Development, test, and maintenance will be charged for the T&M rates by our Implementation Partners
  • For more questions, please contact
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