ARGOS Open Distribution

the non-commercial Assist-o-mation™ library

Assist-o-mation™ means small (and often interactive) bots that run on any PAM, anytime, and anywhere. This is completely free of charge automation software provided by the “ARGOS Open Distribution” initiative. Bots are packaged as Windows executable files and they come with their README document(s). ARGOS LABS will release a series of Assist-o-mation bots to help people with their business processes and/or personal automation needs.

Just download and install PAM from and you are ready to run ARGOS LABS’ Assist-o-mation.

ARGOS Open Distribution initiative welcomes your ideas for Assist-o-mation™. Please send them to

Oh, and, sorry – Assist-o-mation bots are NOT editable with STU.



Google Cloud Vision API Assist-o-mation Package

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