Low-Code Python (LCPy)

For the easy integration of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science solutions

The Four Components of ARGOS Low-Code Python

Scenario Studio

is the development studio for your automation scenarios

Process Automation Module

is the execution/runner agent for your automation scenario


is the central management, monitoring, and orchestration suite.



is the complete toolset for you to build and manage your original plugins

A development tool-kit for automating business process scenarios, popularly called as “ARGOS STU”

  • Builds Automation for both PC and Mobile scenarios
  • over 200 official tools and many more private tools available for Smart Process Automation
  • Requires no programming skills (Play & Rec)
  • Intelligent Automation – Integrates with leading AI/ML/OCR engines

Component 2


ARGOS PAM is the actual bot which runs on the PC or Mobile and executes the business automation.

  • Multi-Platform – PAM runs on Windows, Android, Linux & iOS devices
  • Interacts with all Target applications
  • PAM can run in “Attended” , “Unattended” or Hybrid Automation Mode
  • ARGOS PAMs are scalable based on transaction volumes & can run 24×7
  • Value for money – Economical license pricing

Component 3

ARGOS Supervisor

ARGOS Supervisor is a bot management dashboard to schedule , control, monitor the execution of bots.

  • Real-time Monitoring – Provides live status of bot run
  • Bot Analytics – For higher Bot Utilization & Efficiency
  • Available as SaaS or On-Premise
  • Affordable annual subscription license fee

Component 4


The Power of Python now in ARGOS Low-code python.
POT stands for “Python to Operations Tool ( ARGOS Studio )”.

Using the ARGOS POT SDK , developers can now

  • Build customized automation plug-in using Python
  • Build plug-in for native Python and other AI/ML engines
  • Get Business Analytics  & insights based on Python analytics modules
  • Create plug-in to integrate custom business applications
  • Re-use a plug-in from marketplace and save development time

ARGOS Platform Architecture

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements for STU and PAM

CPU2 core 32-bit (x86) for PC,4 core for PC (x86),
2 vCPU for VM,4 vCPU for VM,
4 vCPU for VDI6 vCPU for VDI
Memory4 GB for PC/VM, 8 GB for VDI8GB
HDD Free Space20 GB+40 GB+

Software Requirements for STU and PAM

Supported VersionsRecommendedNotes
Operating SystemWindows 7Pro EditionFully tested
Windows 10Pro EditionFully tested and recommended
Windows 11Pro EditionUnder test with release plan Q2 2022
Windows Server 2012 R2Functionality confirmed but partially untested
Windows Server 2016Functionality confirmed but partially untested
Windows Server 2019Fully tested

Server Requirements for On-Prem Supervisor

physical or virtual machineOS - Ubuntu 20.04 or above
CPU - 8 core
Memory - 32GB
Disk - 100GB

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