Low-Code Python (LCPy)

For the easy integration of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science solutions

We are Python and Low-code Fast, Easy, and Low Cost. This makes Argos Low-code Python the first low-code platform that is fully compatible with existing popular programming language. The low-code toolbox is fully customizable – no more vendor lock in damaging your ROI.

Our focus: AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Integration

with a minimal investment, decisions can be made as fast as the technology advances

We save you time and money in all 5 phases of the solution Integration life cycle
  • Evaluation
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Updates

Why Low-Code Python


Python ecosystem means resource-rich and future-proof

Python makes the largest programming language community with over 10M coders. In addition, so many open and pre-built Python business solutions are available


POT SDK for easy custom plugin

Platform based on Python ecosystem. Allows partners and users to build “plugins” with step-by-step tutorials


Small-start/SMB friendly license

One package and one license scheme -- small start friendly

Empower Subject Matter Experts to work intimately with IT teams​

Fast to learn, build, test, deploy and manage Intelligent Automation


Eliminate initial investment and long-term commitment from solution integration​

Technological advancement is just too fast for large initial investment and/or longer-term commitment.


Enterprise grade management/orchestration features

No additional cost for Supervisor that supports governance, scalability, and auditability

Build your own LOW-CODE PLATFORM with our Python-to-Operations SDK

POT SDK – The key component that makes the difference!

Learn how your team can add low code plugins (connectors) to ARGOS Low-code platform. Python-to-Operations Toolset (POT) is an SDK which is available from GitHub. It empowers users to build low-code building blocks from any Python solutions for full customization of the Low-code Python platform!

Download and sign-up for FREE 60-day trial!

Quick and Easy Experience


ARGOS PAM is the actual bot which runs on the PC or Mobile and executes the business automation.


A development tool-kit for automating business process scenarios, popularly called as “ARGOS STU”


ARGOS Supervisor is a bot management dashboard to schedule , control, monitor the execution of bots.

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