Argos Labs is now ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001

We’re delighted to announce that Argos Low-code Python has achieved an ISO 27001 certification, a rigorous international certification demonstrating our commitment to maintaining and protecting information security.

Achieving this standard serves as third-party validation of (insert brand name)’s commitment to providing enterprise-level security and protecting customer data from potential breaches.

Why IS0 27001?

We’ve always believed that we’re the custodians of trust when it comes to our customer’s data. We are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance. Achieving ISO 27001 showcases our ongoing commitment to privacy and security and reinforces our rigorous policies and procedures to safeguard customer data.

How did we achieve ISO 27001?

Argos Labs partnered with Sprinto – a simple yet powerful security compliance software for cloud-hosted companies. Sprinto is purpose-built for real-time monitoring of security controls – at scale with an intentional emphasis on each entity. It seamlessly integrates with our existing tools and automatically collects evidence with 100% continuous monitoring, ensuring we leave no loose threads regarding security and privacy.

Sprinto also comes with an auditor-friendly console that assembles and shares data exactly the way an auditor would expect to see it, resulting in minimal contact with the auditors, resulting in helping us achieve ISO 27001 weeks earlier than anticipated.

What’s next for Argos Labs?

Argos Low-code Python is now very well-positioned to work with enterprises and large corporates that require industry-specific compliance, like HIPAA for healthcare or PCI-DSS for finance. With ambitious goals for the year ahead, Argos Labs plans to forge strategic partnerships with leading players in these sectors to develop pre-built compliance templates and integrations, making it easier than ever for businesses to automate tasks while adhering to strict regulations.

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