Category I: FAQ/Tips Contents

Answer your own questions and get FREE ARGOS Low-code license!

ARGOS LABS invites all STU users around the world to participate in this campaign where you will earn FREE License Credit Points for every FAQ contents you generate! (Restrictions apply see notes)

Upload Materials

  1. .doc
  2. .ppt
  3. .txt

Category II: Training Contents

Now we are open for “TRAINING materials and videos” too!

1 qualified Training Contents/Video will earn 100 to 2000 points.

Upload Videos

  • .mp4

Category III: Plugin/Sample Bots

New category with big potential points! Please submit either plugin or non-commercial or commercial sample bot(s) for points! Please follow the instruction here to make the bot as “universal” as possible.

1 qualified Sample Bot will earn between 100 to 2000 points


  • .whl file (see POT SDK for details)
  • STU files
  • Readme.txt

Rules And Benefits

  1. 2,000 points can be exchanged for a Free 1-year license for ARGOS Low-code Base package

    Including one SV account, unlimited STU usage, and two PAMs

    500 points can be exchanged for a Free 1-year license for one PAM!

    Any partial points can be used for discounts when purchasing ARGOS Low-code licenses (1-year) and Professional Services (one-time) including a new Plugin building engineering that you spec out!

    Ex-1) 1,000 points will get your 50% discount for the ARGOS Low-code Base package!

    Ex-2) 400 points will receive 80% discount on PAM

  1. Sign up and register as a participant of this campaign with your SV account email address from this link
  2. Enter your contents into this campaign link
  3. Usually within 72 hours from your contents submission, you will receive an email from ARGOS Customer Success Team notifying you of the qualification result(s)!
  4. Non-qualified entries may receive 5 points as “encouragement bonus” depending on the estimated efforts for making them.
  5. Random non-qualified entries may result in loss of the participation account
  6. Contents must be in English
    • By signing up to this campaign, participants agree to all terms and conditions below
    • Points cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances
    • Points expire in 2 years from the grant date
    • Licenses that are obtained by the points either fully or partially can be freely traded by the recipient without consent of ARGOS LABS
    • ARGOS LABS reserves full and exclusive rights over the content’s qualification process in all Categories I, II, and III and decision-making standards.
    • ARGOS LABS reserves full and exclusive rights over the content’s copyrights.
    • Campaign starts on Aug 1, 2021, and ends on December 31, 2022.
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