How to build a Mobile Scenario using “Play&Record” feature of the Scenario Studio (Mobile)

This article includes following contents,

Section 1: The scenario you will make

Section 2: What you need to prepare before you start

Section 3: How to start building a new scenario

Section 4: Using [Play&Record] feature

Section 5: Testing the scenario


Section 1: In this tutorial, you will make the following scenario

1) Start a Calculator app

2) Input numbers and operands

3) Execute calculation and see result


Section 2: What you need to prepare before you start

1) Download and install Scenario Studio to your PC?

2) Download and install ARGOS UX Robot (Android or iOS) to your phone?

*) Please make sure that the PC and the phone are set up correctly according the ARGOS UX Robot set up manuals and connected together via USB cable.

3) Your phone must have a Calculator app installed and the icon is showing on the screen now.


Section 3: How to start building a new scenario

1) Start Mobile Scenario Studio and then click [New].

2) When [CreateScenario] window opens, give the new scenario a name and register ARGOS UX Robots and Company under which your scenario will be built.  (You can change name and registration at any time later.)


Section 4: Now try the [Run&Record] feature

*) No Run&Record feature available for Android as there is a known bug. Projected fix release in December 2017

1) In the main menu click [Tool] and then [Record].

2) Choose an ARGOS UX Robot from the [Device List] window.
*) if you only have one UX Robot assigned to the scenario it is automatically selected.

3) Open VNC Viewer, enter password and show the screen of the ARGOS UX Robot.









4) In the [Auto Recorder] window select [Select Vnc Window] and click.

5) From the [VNCWindowList] choose an UX Robot with which you record the scenario movements and go back to [Auto Recorder]window and confirm the [Record] button is active.


6) Click on [Record] will start the recording and click again will stop.

7) From the VNC screen, start the Calculator app.
Please note that manipulating the phone screen directly will NOT record scenario.


8) In this expample, tap the buttons 5, 0, 0, +, 5, 0, 0, and = in sequence.

9) The screen should show the result of calculation.

10) Now stop recording by clicking on [Stop Record].

11) Wait until the [Complete] bar shows at the bottom of the [Auto Recorder] window.


Section 5: How to test your scenario

1) Go to [Run] page on the Scenario Studio and click on [Run Test].

2) The UX Robot phone that is connected to the Scenario Studio PC should run the scenario automatically.

3) If the scenario runs successfully, the measured performance data shall be uploaded to the server and the screen should show [Uploading] message. (The [Show Result] button is not functional with the current version.)




Shige Sato